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Morinsola Tolu-Otegbade, BA (English, Lagos), MA English Language and World Englishes (Leeds), Teaching English as a Second Language (Canada).

My interest in public speaking started two decades ago at The World Overcomers’ Church, Lagos, Nigeria. I noticed people always liked to listen, with special attention, whenever I spoke either casually among friends or in small group conversations. I received positive feedback including the use of humour, which I honestly can’t explain how it happened, given that stand-up comedy wasn’t popular.

Before long, I became the church MC – anchoring most of the special events, notably, the lead pastor’s 40th birthday celebration in October 1996. Guests were so thrilled they spread the word; that was the beginning of what would soon become a profession and career, as I gained admission same year to study English at the University of Lagos.

Before I started my degree, I had invitations to anchor Yoruba traditional weddings. This is totally different from what I was used to, as there are usually two anchors, one spokesperson for each family of the couple, namely, Alaga Ijoko (for the bride’s family) and Alaga Iduro (for the groom’s). Back in the days, this was largely done by older women in their 50’s. That I was young (I still am ), without a formal training on the job, but with so much confidence and dexterity, made me the choice of many.

Studying English, which is mainly about communication skills, at different levels in three countries has given me a rounded experience of the language use, without losing grip of my sweet mother tongue – Yoruba.

Moving from a learner to a teacher of English is a blessing that has given my speaking passion its shine.

The Master of Ceremony (Alaga Ijoko and Alaga Iduro)

If you want to add color and class to your event, that’s my forte and expertise. I create lovely memories for the audience and I engage them in a wowing manner, all made possible via excellent stage management. I speak fluently in both English and Yoruba languages. I can conveniently master ceremonies in any of these two. For an event to be colorful, you need a compere who understands the guests and will treat them kindly both in words and gestures. That’s what you get when you allow MO Aglow to anchor your ceremony. 
In every event, time is precious and seamless succession of agenda items is crucial. Your time will be managed judiciously and the event will run smoothly. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to anchor all kinds of events ranging from top-governmental functions to birthday parties, wedding receptions, to mention a few. 
The planning of your next event is incomplete if you have not acquired the services of a compere. If you decide to work with us, you just moved an inch closer to giving your ceremony a professional touch. For me, excellence is undebatable, I go for it every time and I have raving endorsements to serve as testimonies. 

Speech Writer and Editor

Words are powerful. When words are purposefully sent on errands via speeches to do a particular task, they deliver amazing results. If you have a function ahead which requires you to give an oral presentation and you can clearly state your goal, the purpose of your speech, I will help you script a speech that can sway the hearts of your audience to take a desired action. The power of storytelling will be harnessed with the energy of anecdotal expressions. Speeches are meant to be simple yet profound. Speeches should not be ambiguous but comprehensible by all. 
If you have authored a brilliant speech but need another pair of eyes for professional editing, I have the patience to walk through the rows of sentences and weed out every form of superfluity. I will help you refine your speech and ensure that the message enjoys an overflowing measure of clarity. It might interest you to know that I am towing this path today because I am a lover of words and their invaluable results. In your next engagement, let me work on that speech and leave your audience with something to ponder on for the rest of their lives. 

Certified English Instructor

English language is a broad subject and I am familiar with its dimensions. I know how tough it is to learn English as a second language especially if it is not the official language of your country. Spelling, pronunciation, diction, figures of speech, rules of grammar, and many more terminologies can make learning English very frustrating. It can be very easy when you have someone beside you who have been through it all. 
It is enough challenge to distinguish between British and American English, let alone the words acceptable in Canadian English. I had the privilege to live for almost a decade in Britain and I presently reside in Canada. I have a taste of both sides and I know what is acceptable on these soils. If you want to be in control when it comes to excellent verbal and written communication skills, I can help you. I am a seasoned and certified English tutor that can show you the way to success, both in an academic and professional setting. 

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